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August in Dingle

Sign post in Dingle Town

If you’ve not ventured to the  Dingle Peninsula during your travels in Ireland, you should definitely add it to the itinerary for your   next trip. The Dingle Peninsula offers spectacular vistas and friendly faces, and Dingle Town has something you’ll find in few other places in Ireland (or the world, for that matter): a Murphy’s Ice Cream shop! But that is another story…

In August, Dingle plays host to two events of considerable size. The first  of these events is the Dingle Races, held from August 6-8. Races take place in a converted field in Ballintaggart, just up the N86 from Dingle Town, and the Dingles Races website (www.dingleraces.ie) describes the races as “the biggest of all flapper races in Ireland.”  (We’ll just be honest and admit that we do not know what a “flapper race” is, but based on the photos, it has nothing to do with those women from the ’20s… If you can enlighten us and other readers, please do so in the comments!)

It is apparent that they will have something for just about everyone, as the website also declares that the centre of the course will have entertainments such as a bouncy castle and fair stands that will be hawking goods. Sounds like a lovely day out!

The Dingle Regatta will take place August 14 – 15, as boatmen put their skills to the test in Dingle Harbour in a series of races. If the weather is fine, this event is a spectacular site to behold, but bring your binoculars for the best view.

Even if you aren’t able to take in one of these great events, the Dingle Peninsula has many other activities to offer the visitor. Check out the possibilities on http://www.dingle-peninsula.ie/.

Boats in Dingle Harbour

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